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Business Solutions


With a wide range of business solutions we are sure that we can accelerate the growth of your business. we shall setup your local network, provide you with a stable internet connection, protect your data with our security solutions and even provide you with power backup so you can stay working when electric power is out. 

  • Satellite Broadband Internet

    LINKSAT Technologies has high-capacity Satellite Internet solution that delivers fast and reliable internet that connect to difficult spots around East Africa and beyond. These are some of the solutions; Ka- band, Ku -Band, C -band.

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  • Firewall and VPN

    The cost of dealing with a data breach is soaring. But you can protect your business from the revenue loss, legal liability and network outages of server attacks by putting the right security measures in place before disaster strikes.

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  • CCTV / IP Security Solutions

    We cover a variety of application needs from robust outdoor cameras for harsh climates to discreet products for sensitive environments.

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  • PBX

    The PBX serves as a switching station for telephone system within an organization, building or office and links both incoming and outgoing calls to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

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  • Power Solution

    We offer reliable end-to-end solutions, ranging from battery backup to surge protection, to keep you up and running at all the time even in incidence of unexpected power surges or sudden loss of power.  24/7 availability means increased energy use.

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  • LAN/WAN Infrastructure Solutions

    We focus on voice and network cable installation in commercial office spaces, manufacturing facilities, medical facilities and industrial sites.

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  • Kaspersky Antivirus

    Businesses today are struggling to survive and grow in a highly competitive and complex market. Security, particularly from cybercrime, is an important concern but there’s not always an IT  staff to focus on the problem.

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