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Firewall and VPN

The cost of dealing with a data breach is soaring. But you can protect your business from the revenue loss, legal liability and network outages of server attacks by putting the right security measures in place before disaster strikes.

Linksat Technologies firewall services add a solid layer of protection between your mission-critical information and malicious attempts to access it. Our firewall solutions ensure the highest level of security by tracking and controlling the flow of data coming into your network using stateful packet inspection of the traffic stream.  Linksat Technologies network security experts will manage the solution for you, making sure your firewall is properly set to protect your business assets.

 Firewall Capabilities:

  • Prevent unauthorized users from accessing your private hosted environment
  • Customized to your security criteria, ie.blocking access to certain ports
  • Restrict inbound traffic flow to a set of source IP addresses
  • Filter and examine both inbound and outbound traffic
  • Establish a firewall based point-to-point IPSec Virtual Private Network
  • Allows for mobile VPN clients (SSL & IPSEC)
  • Control timeouts for the different types of Internal protocol connections
  • Include additional options such as a VPN or a DMZ available