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The PBX serves as a switching station for telephone system within an organization, building or office and links both incoming and outgoing calls to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

LINKSAT Technologies brings over ten years of experience to provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for all of your telecommunications office system needs.

We can supply and install digital system with handsets for one office, or full IP voice communication system solution capable of serving multiple office locations across branch offices.

Our Business Phone systems-PBX includes;

  • Analog PBX (The voice signal is not digitalized.)
  • Digital (The voice signal is digitalized.)
  • IP-PBX/VoIP PBX (Transmits voice signals via IP network.)
  • Hybrid (It has both digital and IP-PBX features.)

 Our services include;

  • Lowest Prices guaranteed
  • Affordable, professional and timely Installations on your new  office intercom Phone System
  • De-Installation of existing PBX System
  • Programming & training on your  staff how use new Phones
  • Full warranties on all Phone and PBX equipment

 We have proven success in implementing Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology in small to large businesses.

We have PBX equipment for any size of organization;

  • Small PBX support 1 to 50 Employees
  • Medium PBX supports 50 - 200 + Employees
  • Large PBX enterprise from 1000 + Employees

With the Voicemail system integration to the PBXcan help to cut customer call waiting times and boost customer care storing external and internal messages to help your staff stay on top of their work, and the communication application software allows your workforce to communicate effectively whether they are in the office, working at home or working on the move.

Analogue PBX

Analogue Telephone PBX is fully configured, with a host of advanced features to enable efficient communications for businesses. As well as basic features, they allow for expansion, provide flexible call management solutions, and are easily customized and maintained.

Hybrid Digital Phone Systems

The range of Digital Telephone PBX offers the stability of the standard PBX, and adds IP technology for flexible and efficient communications. Compatible with all the needs of modern day business, they can be expanded and re-configured as their needs change.


IP Telephony

The use of IP networks for both telephony applications and data communication brings tremendous cost and productivity advantages to a wide range of businesses. If you have employees who work from home or from remote or regional offices, you can significantly reduce telecommunications costs by rerouting interoffice traffic over your LAN/WAN.

Manageability and flexibility are essential to communications in the current, modern, changing business world. These systems allow the business to achieve maximum productivity, whilst minimizing costs, and increasing overall efficiency.

Model KX-NCP500 

A call accounting system records information about telephone calls, organizes that information and prepares reports. The information recorded or captured about telephone calls typically includes: 

  • which extension placed the call
  • which telephone number is dialed (local or long distance)
  • which circuit is used for the call
  • when the call started
  • how long it lasted
  • which client or project is billable for the call

A call accounting system might also include information on incoming calls:

  • which trunk was used
  • where the call came from
  • which extension took the call
  • if transferred, which extension it was transferred to

how long the call lasted 


  •  Controlling Telephone Abuse - Knowing who is calling where and how much each call costs is useful in controlling costs and stopping abuse.
  • Allocating phone calling costs among departments and divisions
  • Billing clients and projects for phone charges incurred on their behalf
  • Allocating costs for shared telephone systems
  • Motivating sales people
  • Evaluating Personnel
  • Optimizing Your Telephone Network - A good call accounting system can determine if you have too many or too few trunks. Too many means you are wasting money. Too few means your customers are getting busy signals.
  • Verifying Your Long Distance Bill - Was the bill received from the long distance carrier accurate?
  • Tracking Advertising Effectiveness. Once Caller ID identifies the person calling, Call Accounting Systems are invaluable for checking the effectiveness of regional ad campaigns, figuring the profitability of direct mailings and even figuring the profitability of individual customers.


Businesses can benefit from increased productivity and lower phone costs!

Law Firms - An attorney loses anywhere from five to seven billable hours per month of telephone consulting time. For a law firm with approximately four attorneys, that amount represents a significant loss of revenue every month.

Small Businesses -are trying to increase their bottom line by increasing sales and decreasing costs. Increased productivity, due to reduced personal time on the phone, can only lead to increased sales.

Professional Firms -frequently have the need to place calls on behalf of their clients or assign calls to particular projects. Many of these calls represent billable professional time. These calls may result in hundreds of dollars of billable time.