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Disaster Recovery

Your IT systems are always at risk from failure of hardware and software or from fire, flood or theft. If they're down for any reason, it’s not just an inconvenience; it can cost your business considerable time and money - that's where disaster recovery comes in!

Linksat Technologies can help with Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery planning doesn't need to be complicated, but by planning, you can minimize the effects on your business when things go wrong. We can help you with your disaster recovery plans by putting in place disaster recovery measures to pre-empt certain issues and minimize the downtime suffered if problems do occur.

Your disaster recovery plans can include:

Backup & Disaster Recovery Software - Restore servers, PCs or laptops in minutes from image backups. Without image backups it can take many hours to restore a PC or laptop and days to restore a server.

 Cloud Computing - Having your critical systems based in a high availability data center means that if your offices get damaged by flood or fire, your staff can still work either from home or another office.



Disk Redundancy (RAID) - RAID uses two or more hard drives to provide redundancy and fault tolerance. RAID is typically used in servers, ensuring the loss of a single disk doesn’t result in the loss of your data.



Hardware Redundancy - Modern servers can be fitted with secondary power supplies, processors, cooling fans or memory modules and can switch to these units if any primary ones fail, keeping them up and running more of the time.

Hardware and Software Support – Our maintenance contracts can cover all of your hardware and software and we respond quickly to get your systems back up and running as soon as possible.

To discuss your disaster recovery requirements in more detail, just give us a call now on +256751536820 and talk to one of our specialists...