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Ka-Band Commercial communication satellite

Launched in August 2012. The Ka-band spot beams provides two-way communication service to facilitate high- speed delivery of data to end- user application such as corporate Networking, broadband internet access, business continuity services and video distribution to customers located  in area lacking terrestrial or GSM coverage.

The satellite utilizes Ka-Band spectrum, meaning it is able to deliver consistent, reliable and high speed broadband internet.

The service can be integrated on Hughes platform which gives flexibility to implement the right Technology to meet our customer’s requirement.

HYLAS 2 East Africa Beam Footprints.

Hylas 2 Customer Advantage

  • Highly competitive rates
  • Low cost VSAT terminal equipment
  • Widest choice of high speed broadband business and home packages available.

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Ka- Band commercial communication satellite

Launch date, 23/04/2012, Y1B will delivers Ka-band communication for both Businesses and government users. Satellite is based on multi-spot beam technology and is optimized for delivering high-data rate broadband internet services for public and private users in East Africa and S.Sudan.

YIB Satellite Customer advantage

Affordable Terminal & Bandwidth

Affordable CPE prices and very competitive monthly subscriptions for “real” broadband offerings, that can range up to 15Mbps

Instant Availability

Instant availability across a significant number of markets—no need to wait for infrastructure roll out


Independence from terrestrial systems and their outages or congestion, connection to Tier 1 internet backbone with multiple redundancy, system availability at 99.5%. 

Cost-effective coverage

Cost-effective service to the remotest customers difficult to serve with terrestrial broadband, supporting governments’  universal service aspirations

The coverage of Ka-Band Technology is determined by the positioning of spot beams

Three dishes can be used namely: 

  • 74cm Dish
  • 98cm Dish 
  • 120cm Dish

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Launch date: 29 october 2009; 
Polarization: C-Band: Circular and KU-Band: Linear
Position: 57 degrees East

This satellite allows customers to directly connect points of presence to the global internet backbone and link to teleports in Europe, Africa and Asia.

NSS-12 supports DTH services and delivers mobile backhaul services over the Middle East and Europe, Central and South Asia and East Africa. It is capable of cross-strapping between C- and Ku-band transponders and can cross-connect China to Africa. 

Coverage Beam 


Benefits of our KU-Band on NSS 12

The service is the answer for customers requiring dedicated satellite connectivity with guaranteed bandwidth. The service connects remote sites to the Internet connectivity via high quality extremely powerful and close to unlimited possibilities satellite links. It perfectly meets the dedicated service needs of customers such as government, Oil & Gas, Mining, Embassies, camp compound, Militaries troops, UN, etc...

Linksat Technologies delivers dedicated broadband internet services using IDirect Evolution X3 modem and 1.2M dish Terminal Antenna.

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Telstar 12 Vantage

Launch date: November 2015
Powerful new satellite with high throughput capabilities.
Telstar has been designed with improved capacity, coverage and flexibility to meet the growing communication needs of broadcast, government and enterprise users. 


Customer Benefits

  • Full backward compatibility with existing KU-Band terminal equipment
  • High throughput spot beams combined with traditional regional beams allowing greater flexibility in Network design
  • Delivers important operational advantages for customers including lower cost per Mbits

Linksat Technologies delivers dedicated broadband internet services using IDirect Evolution X3 and X1 modem and 1.2M dish Terminal Antenna.

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